The Games of  bones pits three people/team against one another to compete for cash prizes and bragging rights....

Played on a big Gigantic wall monitor and played with digital Dominos

The game is played with the regular rules of domino's

But it's not that simple!!  To be able to place your Bone on the board,, you have to correctly answer a triva Question..

Get the answer Right and your team wins CASH and a chance to show off their Domino's skills

Get the answer Wrong and you have to pull from the Bone Yard plus loss your chance to place a Bone that round 

The first person or team to yell BONES or the one with the most points on the board when times runs out WINS the cash/prizes!!  

The winning team also gets to rub the victory in and steal the cash winning of one of the losing teams

Our funny and witty Host and Co-Host   (The Bone Girl/Guy) will have  you glued  to your  TV in anticipation...

which contestants or celebrities can really play BONES

who can answer the

questions correct while talking the most TRASH

You never know what fun can happen when contestants get together for a good old fashioned game of BONES

Bones is a fiercely competitive game and people of all races are drawn to the game for its social aspects.